Where I stand 29/02/16

Listening to Jeremy Cronin on the radio this morning I was filled with something close to fear.  The bifurcation of the ANC (Luthuli House) and the Communist Party with Zuma over the Gordhan and SARS issue is now becoming palpable. Quite what is going to happen in the next few months is anybody’s guess. Whether there will be a move to remove Zuma and whether this will succeed is going to be a key moment in South African history and it fills me with a real sense of dread as well as hope. What is worrying is that unlike the removal of Mbeki there is no clear leader who will be at the forefront of this group.  Gordhan is surely not the man for various reasons.  All the others Ramaphosa, Phosa, Motlanthe, Sexwale are either baldly positioned or have disappeared into the political wilderness.  The only hope there is is that somewhere somebody has enough strings to pull on the trap door of the stage that Zuma is standing on.

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