Where I Stand 06/03/16

Having just read Jonathan Jansen piece on the RDM website concerning universities in South Africa, the future of SA seems very bleak.  As much as one would like to say something intelligent about all of this there are only two solutions to this problem – one palliative, the other structural.  Firstly the removal of Zuma by the ANC has become the only short term solution.  Positive sentiment will only return to South Africa if the ANC is seen to be acting in the country’s interest.   The other is that the upper and middle classes need to realise that they have responsibilities that extend past their own families and friends. They need to realise their history and their own explicit and implicit involvement in it (here I include myself).

Corruption cannot merely be seen as an issue within government.  This kind of behaviour is the mirror of the cronyism and nepotism that exists throughout South African society (‘lovely’ dumb self-entitled Jonny getting a job in a good firm because daddy knows so-and-so is de rigueur, it always has been).  Too often the appeal to a meritocracy simply means that ‘lets get my friend/family member in to a good position because they have been privileged with a good education’.  This is something bred by the adventurism and acquisitiveness of colonialism and is something that has not left white South African society – the desire to keep it all to oneself while pulling the plug on the others.  The removal of Zuma by the ANC and the realization of the upper and middle classes responsibilities to others in the society are the only things that will save us both short term and long.

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