Where I Stand 10/03/16

I think if one took a bus in Britain too often one could develop serious heart problems through being in a state of too frequent agitated anxiety.  There is that terrible feeling of helpless frustration when you see the clock running down and you are going to be late and then the bus stops at five different stops all about 50m apart and the driver turns off the engine at three of them for no reason at all and you think maybe the bus has broken down and you are just about to get up and check when it is turned on again. In these moments you go from being late to, on the fifth occasion, actually missing the whole event/lecture.  You think ‘maybe I should get out and walk’ but you know that if you do for the last 150m of your walk the bus will overtake you and beat you by about a minute and a half. This is perhaps why purgatory is such a undesirable state of the afterlife.

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