Where I Stand 16/03/16

I had a sense today that if only Zuma would go South Africa might stand a chance.  But this is a piece of wishful thinking.  I know from my own experience with the Department of Arts and Culture that things have gone too far.  Corruption is everywhere.  Just look at the three people in that investigation. Paul Mashatile – after the fall out with Zuma – is making his way back into office and is now an MEC in Gauteng. Monna Mokoena now seems to be the darling again of the art world, flying off to New York taking MOMO to the Armoury. Life must be pretty good again.  Of course my shock was when I found Elana Brundyn having breakfast with him. She was, after all, always expressing her shock at his corruption and encouraging me to find out more – no doubt she had her reason for doing so.  And finally Victor Dlamini, well he seems okay; a spokesperson for PRASA and demanding, with the help of his friends in the media, that the IEC pay him R900 000 for six months consultancy work.  I wonder what he did with that R1.1-million he got for setting up a twitter account?  So no South Africa will not be fine if Zuma leaves, the corruption is everywhere.  It is supported by everyone who has a pit of cash to throw around so long as it brings them what they want.  The Guptas may influence the president but their kind of business practices are pervasive, they always have been in South Africa.

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