Where I Stand 6/04/16

I was, until yesterday, hoping that Cyril Ramaphosa was pulling strings and would, in the next six months or so, be the next president – this despite the fact that he seems a little too close to Paul Mashatile who, as the Venice Biennial scandal proved, is not averse  to a little corruption.  In a ‘fire pool’ manner of his own when asked about the Venice corruption scandal on radio, Mashatile said that ‘Venice is a very nice place’.  Getting back to Ramaphosa though, he will now always be associated with this Zuma impeachment vote and his support for Zuma.

If the ANC somehow do get rid of Zuma I doubt very much if that faction would see Ramaphosa as their leader after this.  Once again just like when Mbeki out manoeuvred him he will lose out.  That is sad because he would have made a good president.  If he was in charge I might have, once again, voted for the ANC, which, to me, is really the only party I have ever wanted to vote for. All my other votes since 1999 have been protest votes with no desire to see that party I placed a cross next to in power.

I realise that members of the ANC who are angling to get rid of Zuma felt they could not vote against him in parliament because it would have weakened their position in the party – hence the junior and quite frankly bizarre people who talked on behalf of Zuma in parliament yesterday: sycophants (or psychophants) and sacrificial lambs.

What has resulted in all of this is that Zuma’s position has been strengthened within the party. They will not easily dislodge him now.  Yesterday was their chance, in an almost coup like manner, to act against him and they missed it.  It would have been risky but they could have done it.  Now we are back at square one and will need another major scandal for the ANC to act against him – and that is just not on the cards for the next few years.  They have had their best two chances and they have fluffed it.  So we are stuck with Zuma unless citizens and the opposition can act.  Protest is the only way to rid us of Zuma.  He is, I think, terrified of protest, just look how quickly he submitted to Feesmustfall.

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