Where I Stand 04/09/2016

As Karl Popper suggested in his The Open Society and Its Enemies Platonic, Marxist and Hegelian versions of the dialectic are all attempts to return to the closed society (what he at times refers to as the ‘tribal society’).  Interestingly he suggests in the first book on Plato (the arch-tribalist) that one of the methods of retaining the essential and tribal core of a society was colonialism or the ‘sending out of colonists’ – ‘the creation of daughter cities’. That is to say they wished to send out the surplus of potential trouble makers and set up analogous ‘tribal’ or closed societal structures. ‘But’, as he goes on to say:

this ritual of colonialization only postponed the breakdown. It even created new danger spots wherever it led to cultural contacts; and these, in turn, created what was perhaps the worst danger to the closed society – commerce, and a new class engaged in trade and seafaring. (p.176)

I have no doubt that Brexit has at it root a tribalist agenda and that those who voted for it rue the day of the cultural contact they made through their policies of colonialism and joining the EEC.  Whatever those who voted to leave might say their vote is a return to a British closed society, one of class division and boiled mince.

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