Where I Stand 09/09/2016

One of the defining features of a modern legal system is that the authorities have an official and private self.  This was not true of pre-mordern systems where the king, queen, sovereign, chief or Leviathan was above the law and not susceptible to its sanction.  The question is now is the ANC ushering in a new pre-modern or what Karl Popper called a ‘tribal society’ … Continue reading Where I Stand 09/09/2016

Where I Stand 04/09/2016

As Karl Popper suggested in his The Open Society and Its Enemies Platonic, Marxist and Hegelian versions of the dialectic are all attempts to return to the closed society (what he at times refers to as the ‘tribal society’).  Interestingly he suggests in the first book on Plato (the arch-tribalist) that one of the methods of retaining the essential and tribal core of a society … Continue reading Where I Stand 04/09/2016

Empire of Dirt: Chapter III

Image: Chad Rossouw, In The Camps only are you free, Carved Stone, 2015 In The Camps only are you free. This was carved in small upright letters – so unlike the ringleted Gothic font of The Empire – into the rock face high in the mountains on a shelf deep within one of the uninhabited smaller caves. Some days after Michael found and joined The Group of the … Continue reading Empire of Dirt: Chapter III

Empire of Dirt: Chapter II

Image: Chad Rossouw The Mountains (2014) Oil on Paper   The heavy blankets of his bed were stiflingly hot but even so he shivered from the freezing tensions of his illness. He lay there, shaking and sweating, at times barely conscious of anything other than the pains that seemed to rip and tear their way through his body.  His parents watched on as he convulsed. Under … Continue reading Empire of Dirt: Chapter II

Empire of Dirt: Chapter I (Part 3)

Image: Chad Rossouw, Location 22 (2014), Egg Tempera on Paper The Paladins, in their black combat fatigues, came into the room removing their bicorns. They were tall and heavily built.  Only the golf professional could come near to matching them in height but their frames so filled their uniforms as to make their dark presence in the office overwhelming.  Their huge bare forearms and gloved hands rested … Continue reading Empire of Dirt: Chapter I (Part 3)