4 Books on Violence – Camus, Arendt, Fanon & Zizek

1.The Rebel – Albert Camus Camus’s The Rebel (L’Homme Révolté) was famously panned by Sartre and his friends in the periodical Le Temps Moderne.  In the published exchanges that ensued Camus was, it is often said, defeated in the rhetorical joust.  Even Tony Judt, a great admirer of Camus, said: ‘In L’Homme Révolté (1951) Camus offered some important observations about the dangers of lyrical revolutionary illusions; … Continue reading 4 Books on Violence – Camus, Arendt, Fanon & Zizek

4 Putdowns by Tony Judt

Tony Judt (1948 – 2010) was a British historian who died of motor neurone disease 6 years ago.  His books on French history as well as his tome Postwar are some of the great contributions to their fields and it was this intellectual platform that allowed him, in his essays, to write some of the most appositely humorous intellectual demolitions in literature. On David Cesarani’s biography of … Continue reading 4 Putdowns by Tony Judt