The Long Way Home – A Review

Honesty is the feature of all good literature. This quality has been called many other names – unprejudiced, disinterested, a negative capability – but essentially it is a writer’s ability to outstare something emotionally uncomfortable and to truthfully report his or her findings. Of course there is some slight irony in this in that its honesty, on most occasions, takes the form of a ‘dishonest’ … Continue reading The Long Way Home – A Review

The Music in the Ice – A Review

The historian of ideas Isaiah Berlin famously made the observation that great writers and thinkers can be divided into two classes. He called the one hedgehogs, the other foxes. Berlin claimed that, ‘a hedgehog knows one big thing, a fox knows many’. If Stephen Watson were to be placed into one of these categories then it would be the first. This is not because the … Continue reading The Music in the Ice – A Review