The Monologism of Politically Correct Language: or being accused of supporting Donald Trump

Recently when I was sitting at the Kimberley Hotel talking to some old friends and a few art students I discovered just how dangerous it is to speak one’s mind these days. That is, to introduce seemingly unknown thoughts into the official social discourse that is standardly observed at places like art schools, universities and social groups. At the end I was accused, amongst other … Continue reading The Monologism of Politically Correct Language: or being accused of supporting Donald Trump

Concerning: The Rise of the Private Art Museum in Cape Town


In 2015 I wrote an open letter to Mark Coetzee, the now ex-director of the newly opened Zeitz Museum of Contemporary Art Africa (Zeitz MOCAA) at the Waterfront in Cape Town.  Coetzee, who resigned from his position on 16 May 2018 after trustees initiated an inquiry into his professional conduct, did not respond to the letter nor to subsequent attempts to clarify his and his institution’s position. The circumstances surrounding his resignation are yet to be fully uncovered, but at the root of it is perhaps the culture of unaccountability that he fermented. Continue reading “Concerning: The Rise of the Private Art Museum in Cape Town”

Where I stand 28/07/2017

I very rarely find a reason to write about politics these days. The absurdity of it all makes it too difficult to write seriously about it. But one point that I think is missing in the current discussions about Andile Mngxitama and his BLF Goonpta movement is the fact that the press, in particular the Mail & Guardian, initially promoted his ‘radical’ thuggery by publishing his … Continue reading Where I stand 28/07/2017

Where I Stand 09/09/2016

One of the defining features of a modern legal system is that the authorities have an official and private self.  This was not true of pre-mordern systems where the king, queen, sovereign, chief or Leviathan was above the law and not susceptible to its sanction.  The question is now is the ANC ushering in a new pre-modern or what Karl Popper called a ‘tribal society’ … Continue reading Where I Stand 09/09/2016

Where I Stand 04/09/2016

As Karl Popper suggested in his The Open Society and Its Enemies Platonic, Marxist and Hegelian versions of the dialectic are all attempts to return to the closed society (what he at times refers to as the ‘tribal society’).  Interestingly he suggests in the first book on Plato (the arch-tribalist) that one of the methods of retaining the essential and tribal core of a society … Continue reading Where I Stand 04/09/2016

Where I Stand 08/06/2016

Like much of Hannah Arendt’s thinking the three essays published in her book On Violence tends to need some further clarification and justification if it is to stand as one single theory.  Her distinctions between violence, power and authority are interesting but just how power and violence function separately is, at least on first reading, unclear to me. But as Tony Judt pointed out, that despite her often … Continue reading Where I Stand 08/06/2016