Where I Stand 12/05/2016

Having rejoined Facebook the world seems to be a darker place.  I say this because everybody seems to have become more intolerant and more radicalised in their positions.  Of course it is only social media.  One person who used to ‘hate’ me on Facebook and accuse me of ghastly political positions was very different when I met her in person at a gallery. In real life … Continue reading Where I Stand 12/05/2016

Where I Stand 10/05/16

Some years ago I was sitting in the Kimberly Hotel watching soccer. But my concentration was interrupted when I heard somebody shouting at the Zimbabwean barman behind me:  ‘Hey bru, this fucking beer is flat.  Hey bru, I am fucking talking to you. No just stop serving that guy and like get me another one hey, like now hey.’  My head sank.  I remembered sitting … Continue reading Where I Stand 10/05/16

Where I Stand 27/04/2016

The participation in the #Zumamustgo marches today looks as disappointing as  expected. Civil society organizations just do not have the popular support or organizational skills that one wishes they did.   What is, I think, also a matter of concern is that there is a trick that the media is missing with regards to the discontent within the ANC.  One is the idea that the Guateng ANC … Continue reading Where I Stand 27/04/2016