The Palestinian flag is fluttering outside my window

The Palestinian flag is fluttering outside my window. It is not my flag. I do not have a flag. I mean, personally, I do not own one. My mother had an American flag. She lived in America and she told me that a man had once climbed up a flagpole and had taken the flag off it and given it to her as a present. This … Continue reading The Palestinian flag is fluttering outside my window

Flash Fiction – Finally, the Circus Left

First, it was the lion and the ringmaster. Then the bear, having no further duties, nor a reason to keep it there. Then a seal, with a ball balanced on its nose. Finally, the last remaining mouse slammed its bag shut with a snap and then, pulling its hat more firmly on its head and with a noise of discontent, it walked out, away from me, … Continue reading Flash Fiction – Finally, the Circus Left

Where I stand 28/07/2017

I very rarely find a reason to write about politics these days. The absurdity of it all makes it too difficult to write seriously about it. But one point that I think is missing in the current discussions about Andile Mngxitama and his BLF Goonpta movement is the fact that the press, in particular the Mail & Guardian, initially promoted his ‘radical’ thuggery by publishing his … Continue reading Where I stand 28/07/2017

Where I Stand 09/09/2016

One of the defining features of a modern legal system is that the authorities have an official and private self.  This was not true of pre-mordern systems where the king, queen, sovereign, chief or Leviathan was above the law and not susceptible to its sanction.  The question is now is the ANC ushering in a new pre-modern or what Karl Popper called a ‘tribal society’ … Continue reading Where I Stand 09/09/2016